After having examined hundreds of CV’s throughout my career as a superyacht Chief stewardess, I can convert a CV "of land" into the best CV to get work on luxury yachts.

I Prepare your resume to work in luxury yachts

If you feel that ...

You don’t even know where to start to make your CV an attractive profile for a luxury yacht

Your English level is not enough to write a professional CV

You are too busy to write your CV

You are tired of wasting your time sending CV’s and never getting a reply back

Or you just want to make sure that your CV is perfect before applying for a job on superyachts

It’s your lucky day!
Save yourself the headache. This CV writing service is just what you need.

I just wish someone had offered me something like this in the beginning of my yachting career.

My English, despite being fairly good, was still not good enough to create a professional CV.

Also, I had no idea of how the “aesthetics” of a yacht CV should be.

Because, as incredible as it may seem, the content is not the only aspect you should worry about.

You may have ten university degrees, speak 17 languages or be the best Wall Street broker. If your CV is not consistent with how a yacht CV should be, the interviewer will not even bother to read your name.

Hard, but this is the truth.

This is how demanding, perfectionist (and stubborn) I am.

I do demand perfection in each of the CVs I receive, but I also provide it in each of the CVs that I create.

Imagine being automatically discarded for the position for the simple fact of not having chosen an appropriate picture for your CV.

Yes, this is very common, unfortunately. Recruiters receive cents of CV’s for one position, which means that they can only dedicate a few seconds to review each one.

Every detail counts!

Imagine that, not only your photograph is perfect, but every single word on your CV makes the recruiter want to continue reading.

And, voilà! The recruiter has spent the last 5 minutes reading your wonderful CV, even without realising.

I can assure you that, after spending five minutes of your precious time reading someone's CV, EVERY recruiter will call that candidate for an interview.

And all this, without having to use Google Translator looking for the correct English term not once.

I am here for you.


I'm Jamila García, I grew up in a small town on the Galician coast called Foz and started working on superyachts in 2010.

I studied Advertising and Public Relations and I did a Master's Degree in Events Organisation and Protocol in Madrid.

CI perfectly know the horrible feeling of "I do not know what to do with my life" and how frustrating that is.

I have also done incredibly frustrating jobs that, besides, hardly even covered my basic expenses.

As you, I also thought that the best jobs could only be achieved by coming from a wealthy and influential family.

Today, nine years after that horrible personal stage I went through, and without anyone’s help:

I have travelled all over the world

I have worked onboard some of the most prestigious yachts in the world

Have had colleagues of very different nationalities and cultures

Learned several languages

Earned more than enough money at a very young age to live comfortably

Found love with the best man and professional

And, above all, I have gained the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to undertake this new project: HELPING YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS TOO

However, you have a great advantage that I did not have, and that would have made things much easier for me:

You are reading this right now, you know my story, how I can help you and the benefits that hiring my services will provide you.

José Ramón servicio CV 5 estrellas

Decidí contratar el servicio de elaboración de CV 5 estrellas para tener de primera mano una referencia actual y fidedigna.

Sólo tengo alabanzas en cuanto al trato recibido por Jamila: paciente, dedicada, comunicativa y resolutiva.

¡Sin duda volveré a contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew!

José Ramón López

CV 5 Estrellas + Plan As de Guía Doble

Decidí contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew porque es un mundo totalmente desconocido para mí y quería asegurarme de dar el primer paso con garantías de un trabajo bien hecho. Me pareció que StarFishCrew tenía una buena página web que inspira confianza.

La disposición de Jamila en la realización de mi CV ha sido muy buena. Ha contestado siempre rápidamente a todos mis emails y estado presente en todo momento para ayudar.

Sí creo que hay un detalle que podría mejorar este servicio: Es muy importante poder hacer preguntas y tener un contacto más directo con Jamila para sentirte mejor acompañada, así que, yo incluiría una vídeo llamada en el servicio.

Volvería de nuevo a contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew, de hecho aún no hemos terminado. Espero poder seguir contando con Jamila el resto del proceso de mi búsqueda.

¡La recomendaría a cualquiera que quisiera adentrarse en el misterioso mundo de los yates!

PALOMA MIRALLES. Consiguió su primer trabajo en un yate con base en España, como ella quería. Abril del 2018

CV 5 Estrellas + Plan As de Guía Doble

With the 5 Stars Curriculum service

  • You will not waste hours of your time looking for information on how to make a yacht CV

  • Save yourself the headache looking for the correct words in English

  • You will save time, and Aspirins

  • You can continue using the same CV throughout your yacht career by simply update your experience. That is, you pay once, you use it forever.

  • You will have the peace of mind and guarantee that your CV has been prepared by someone who has examined hundreds of CVs for years


CV Template: I will send you a template so you can provide all the personal information I need to start working on your CV. Do not worry about your English, just do what you can. My goal is to make your life easy! No te preocupes si tu inglés es medio zarapastroso, haz lo que puedas. Y si prefieres no complicarte y hacerlo sólo en español para que yo lo traduzca, no hay ningún problema. ¡Mi objetivo es hacerte la vida fácil!

Instructions: You will also receive exact instructions on how the photograph should be. Because yes, there are LOTS of rules for the "perfect" CV picture! Porque sí, hay reglas para la foto "perfecta", ¡y unas cuantas! Aunque no te preocupes, en cuanto las conozcas, te parecerá facilísimo.

First draft:Within five to seven working days you will receive your first draft. You will have the chance to check if you are satisfied with the result so far, and if any detail is missing, there is no problem! I will be more than happy to continue working on it until you are 100% satisfied with the final result. Lo incluiré encantada.

Perfect CV: You will receive the "perfect" CV so that you can use it, not only during your first job hunt, but throughout your yachting career. Que la tendrás, ¡y seguro que muy exitosa!

CV writing for luxury yachts:

Do not miss this opportunity!

79 €uros + IVA

What!? What do you still have questions?

Let me guess:

No, a single payment is made at the time of purchasing the service

After receiving the first draft, we will review it one more time.

I need you to tell me if you want to change / add something within a week.

Yes, absolutely. . It is the "standard" CV template used by many superyachts. Only someone who has been a recruiter will have the ability and knowledge to write it properly.

No. Once the service is purchased, I'll start working on your CV and you will not be able to request a refund.

You have one month after receiving the first draft.

Seriously!? Even more doubts?

Email me through here and I will be happy to come back to you as soon as possible.

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Y de regalo, podrás disfrutar de:

  • Un 20% de descuento al contratar el Plan de Asesoramiento "As de Guía Doble".

  • Dos sesiones presenciales por Skype conmigo en las que trataremos todos y cada uno de los puntos que debes de saber para conseguir tu primer trabajo en nuestra maravillosa industria.

  • Podrás plantearme todas las dudas que tengas y, además, una vez completado el plan de asesoramiento, disfrutarás del acceso a la bolsa de trabajo.

  • Un CV perfecto, todo lo que debes hacer para conseguir trabajo, cómo y cuándo lo debes de hacer y, por si eso fuese poco, acceso directo a una bolsa de trabajo.

¿Qué más se puede pedir?

¡Date prisa!

79 €uros + IVA