I am Jamila García

I help people who are looking for a rewarding career and are passionate about traveling, to
get a job in the yachting industry.

As a result of my many years of experience working as a Chief Stewardess, I can provide you
with all the tools and information required in order to make your job search as effective, fast
and with the least expense as possible.

I'll be honest, getting your first job in this industry without any help is not easy.

If you think that ...

In order to get a job like this you would need to get too "lucky"

You are “too old” to change your life and pursue your dreams

Only supermodels get jobs on yachts

You do not have enough money to pay for the job search

This job is only for people with higher studies and who speak lots of languages

You do not have any marine work related experience, so no yacht will want to hire you

You could not spend your life at sea without being able to even visit all the places you will travel to

What if, after all the effort, you do not get it..?

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Decidí contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew porqué pensé que era una buena idea contar con el asesoramiento de alguien con experiencia en esta industria, y no me equivoqué. ¡Ha sido de gran ayuda! Valoro muy positivamente la disposición de Jamila a ayudarme a conseguir mi sueño. Jamila siempre tuvo la mejor disposición para ayudar y aconsejarme. Por supuesto volvería a contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew de ser necesario.

ASTRID BETANCOURT. Consiguió trabajo en su primer yate tan sólo un día después de nuestra última sesión de asesoramiento. Diciembre del 2017

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With me...

  • You will not have to spend endless hours of your time on Google gathering information about this industry and how to work in it. Information that, on top of everything, will probably not be completely accurate

  • You will not waste your money on unnecessary courses that are not required to get a job on yachts

  • You will know first hand what every recruiter looks for in a crew member

  • I will reveal how the selection process works so you know exactly what steps to take, how and when (timing plays a huge part in this industry)

  • I will provide you with the "perfect" CV

Why wasting your life working to fulfil other people’s dreams, in exchange for a miserable salary that does not even allow you to live comfortably?


  • Travel around the world

  • Access places that only the most privileged can access

  • Share your life with with people of very different nationalities and cultures

  • Learn different languages

  • And also, receive a very generous salary for it

I am here to help you!

You can start here:

  • Download my "Basic guide to work on luxury yachts". IT’S FREE! You will discover the first steps to get a job on luxury yachts.

  • You get really anxious and insecure thinking about the job interview. You want to know the questions you will be asked before hand, how you need to act and what you need to say to your recruiter to cause an excellent impression and get the position

  • You already know everything you need to know, how and when, but you need help to elaborate your CV. Purchase our 5 Stars CV. You will receive a perfect CV to start your career.

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Decidí contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew porque estaba buscando precisamente a alguien que ofreciese un asesoramiento personalizado focalizado en la industria de los yates de lujo. La disposición de Jamila ha sido excelente. Es muy importante encontrar a alguien que se toma su trabajo tan en serio y con tanta pasión. Eso te da confianza y te hace sentir que has invertido tu dinero en la persona correcta. El servicio de CV 5 Estrellas que contraté cumple con todas las expectativas que tenía. ¡Volvería a contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew sin lugar a dudas!

SALVADOR PÉREZ. Consiguió su primer trabajo en un yate charter en cuatro días. Abril del 2018

CV 5 Estrellas

Get the basic guide to work on luxury yachts

Surprise yourself with the lifestyle and salaries that luxury yacht crew receive

Jamila García, from Foz (a small town on the Spanish North West coast).

I studied Advertising and Public Relations followed by a Masters in Protocol and Events Organisatin at University in Madrid. I have been a superyacht Chief Stewardess for many

CEO of Starfish Crew.

I had always been certain that I did not want to spend my life locked in an office fulfilling other people’s dreams.

During my university years, I used to spend endless hours thinking over and over about what job could satisfy my desire to travel the world and also receive a generous salary for it (I have
always aspired to have a ‘good life’).

The fearsome Spanish depression was already lurking and I refused to imagine my immediate future in the unemployment queue.

However, having great aspirations is not that easy when you come from a small town, you grew up in a middle-class family, everyone takes you for "crazy" when you talk about your aspirations of life, and do not have enough financial resources either.

During the summers of my university years, thanks to the scholarships I received for my good grades at the University, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to the United Kingdom to perfect my English. I knew that speaking excellent English would be very important to get a job like the one I wanted.
Although, in all honesty, I did not know exactly the job I wanted. I was very clear about the job I did NOT.

During those summers, I worked as "whatever" so I could afford my hostel bedroom (shared with five other people), plus the English course. Therefore, I am perfectly aware of how living
day to day and not even being able to allow yourself a whim feels.

I grew up in Foz, a small fishermens town on the coast of Lugo, Galicia, Spain.

There, the passion for the sea, breaths on every corner.

In addition to the sea and travel, my other great passion has always been customer service. Probably as the result of belonging to a hospitality family for generations.

And so, almost as if by chance, one day, I received a phone call that would change my life ...

You have seen me in ...


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Teacher at the International Butler School in Madrid

Thanks to my university degree and Master in Protocol and Organization of Events, but above all, to my experience as a Superyacht Chief Stewardess, I work as a Professor at the
International Butler School.

In charge of the subjects:

Management of household teams
VIP Customer Service


I am in charge of training in this area for "beginners" in the world of customer service, as well as for senior managers who seek to expand their training.

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Decidí contratar los servicios de Starfish Crew porque vi que Jamila conocía el mundo de los yates de la A a la Z y yo lo desconocía totalmente. Jamila tiene muy buena disposición a ayudarte. ¡Por supuesto que la recomendaría y volvería a contratar sus servicios!

JHASUA SOLA. Consiguió su primer trabajo en un yate de 65 metros de eslora. Noviembre del 2017

Plan de Asesoramiento As de Guía

Nine years have passed since I set foot on my first yacht. My new job, and new life, fascinated me from the very beginning.

I worked with all my enthusiasm, was always happy to do whatever the Chief Stewardess asked me to, no matter how “unpleasant” that task was and how little I liked it.

Maybe that’s the reason why I moved up so quickly.

In the space of a few months I had already become the Second Stewardess of a 56 meter motor yacht, with 13 crew members. In little over a year, I achieved my first Chief Stewardess position.

Since then, and although I can not reveal names, I have worked for some of the most powerful people in the world.

I have worked in many superyachts, of very diverse nature, being in charge of making the stay of my guests a dream.

I can proudly say that many of the Stewardesses that I hired over the years, completely new to the industry, have become some of the best Chief Stewardesses in the industry.

As time went by and people were getting to know my story, I started receiving numerous emails, messages or calls asking for all kinds of information about "how to get a job like mine".
This is how Starfish Crew was born, and my greatest  achievement is, without a doubt, to positively influence the lives of all those who trust on my services to achieve their dreams.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than receiving emails from all those people I have helped over the years telling me that they have achieved their dream of working on a superyacht and are very happy with their new life.