The questions that every recruiter does, with the answers you should give to impress your recruiter and get your dream job


If you believe that…

You would not be able to pass an interview for luxury yachts successfully since you do not know anything about this industry

Your English is not good enough to do a job interview

You do not have any work experience or training for the recruiter to choose you, over anyone else

You have been looking for a rewarding job for so long that you’ll be stuck, you will not know what to say, or how to say it, and your interview will be a disaster

Well, pay attention to this. It turns out that you have nothing to worry about!

When I did my first interview, I had absolutely no idea about what was going on. LITERALLY.

I had not seen a yacht in my life, apart from in the movies.

In Foz, my beloved little hometown, we only have fishing boats, the kind that fish sardines and other delicacies.

But, superyachts? No, we don’t have that…

Anyways, I showed up at the interview with very little (VERY LITTLE) faith in myself and thinking that this would be just like any other day in my life. I would leave that office, return to my student apartment, and continue with my jo hunt. As I had been doing every single day, for a long time. As I had been doing every single day, for a long time.

However, it turned out that the recruiter interviewing me didn’t care at all about the fact that I had absolutely no clue about the superyacht industry: "You have lots of time to learn how this works," he told me.

My English was good (ish) at the time, but not that good to be honest, so I really had to focus on what I was doing to not seem ridiculous.

And it turned out that it was not that bad after all.

Needless to say, I did not have any experience on yachts, although I had had many odd jobs here and there.

As for my qualifications, I did not have anything related to yachts (not even my STCW).

And, well ... to tell you the truth, I did not get stuck to be honest… As I said before, I showed up at the interview quite relaxed as I really had no hope to get the job.

Little did I know that this would be the most important interview of my life.

Of course, if I had known how this interview would change my life I would have been hysterical.

So, in this case, my ignorance was my greatest ally. That same morning began an incredible journey for me. That same morning he started an incredible journey for me.

I will always feel tremendously grateful to that recruiter who, although he realized from the first moment that I had no idea what I was facing, could potentially become a good stewardess.

He hired me and changed my life forever.

You have right here the questions that your recruiter will ask you.

You can read and reread them until the answers flow by themselves.
Ya sabes los términos que necesitas utilizar e incluir en tus respuestas para impresionar al entrevistador.

The only thing you need now is to believe in yourself (not like me) With this recruiter’s pitch, and a big smile, you will get the job of your dreams.

Your new life will begin and you will never have to look back, only forward.
Your next interviews will be "a piece of cake".

The next one will not be for a Junior Stewardess position. It will be for a "Second Stewardess" position, which means more work, more responsibility, but also, more money.


I'm Jamila García. I grew up in a small Galician town called Foz and I'm 31 years old.

I studied Advertising and Public Relations and I did a Master's Degree in Events Organisation and Protocol in Madrid.

CI perfectly know the horrible feeling of "I do not know what to do with my life" and how frustrating that is.

I have also done incredibly frustrating jobs that, besides, hardly even covered my basic expenses.

As you, I also thought that the best jobs could only be achieved by coming from a wealthy and influential family.

Today, seven years after that personal moment that I was going through, and without the help of anyone:

I have travelled all over the world

I have worked onboard some of the most prestigious yachts in the world

Have had colleagues of very different nationalities and cultures

Learned several languages

Earned enough money to pay for my house and live comfortably for several years

Found love with the best man and professional

I am a teacher at one of the most important school of stewardship and Personal assistance in Spain, and abroad

And, above all, I have gained the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to undertake this new project: HELPING YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS TOO

However, you have a great advantage that I did not have, and that would have made things much easier for me:

You are reading this right now, you know my story, how I can help you and the benefits that hiring my services will provide you.


Ha sido una gran experiencia haber contratado tus servicios Jamila, decidí contratar los servicios que ofrece por que me parecieron muy interesantes, podían ayudarme a encontrar de forma eficiente un trabajo en este sector. Siempre me había llamado la atención el mundo de los yates de lujo. Jamila me ha demostrado tener una muy buena disposición a ayudarme en todo momento, ofreciéndome un servicio excelente. Ha sido muy cercana y profesional .Sin duda volvería a contratar sus servicios.

¡Me alegro mucho de haberte conocido Jamila!

Paula Castro

Decidí contratar el servicio por que me interesa aprender sobre la vida y los empleos en yates, Jamila tu disposión y tu servicios me parecen muy buenos, así como tu orientación y los consejos que me has dado durante el proceso, Sin duda te contrataría nuevamente en un futuro.

¡Gracias por todo Jamila!

Araceli Ortiz


Todavía recuerdo como si fuese ayer mi primer día trabajando contigo. ¡Qué bonita experiencia! Muchas gracias por impulsarme en esta dirección, ¡está siendo una gran aventura!

¡Me impulsaste en la dirección adecuada!

Brenda Hernández

Having this recruiter’s pitch will provide you with:

  • More confidence in yourself when facing the interview

  • You will know exactly what terms, words and expressions to use to impress your recruiter. You will know exactly what terms, words and expressions to use to impress your recruiter.

  • You will save yourself endless hours trying to gather information in the Internet about how to successfully pass an interview for a luxury yacht.

To this day, the service that I am offering you is unique in the market.

I am the only Spanish speaking Chief Stewardess offering this service.


Ebook: In the Ebook that you will receive, you will find the questions, with their corresponding answers, that are present in ALL the Junior Stewardesses positions.

The questions: The most common questions that EVERY recruiter does during the recruitment process.

Possible answers: You will find several possible answers with each question. All of them valid and perfect to impress your recruiter.

Explicaciones: Las explicaciones las recibirás en español. Para que no haya lugar a la mínima duda.

Preguntas y respuestas en inglés: Para que puedas ensayar, repetir y memorizar una a una cada una de ellas y que el inglés, lejos de ser tu enemigo, se convierta en tu mayor aliado.

"Junior Stewardess" service:

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What!? What do you still have questions?

You have all the guarantees that a Chief Stewardess with over nine years’ experience hiring Stewardesses can give you.
If the interview is done by the Chief Stewardess, I can assure you that, if not all, many of these questions will be present in your interview.

Each recruiter has his/her methods, obviously.

You might be asked more, less or slightly different questions.

However, these are the "important" questions. Those that, if you answer correctly, you will get the position.

No. You will find all the information you need regarding your interview.

Seriously!? Even more doubts?

Email me through here and I will be happy to come back to you as soon as possible.

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"Junior Stewardess" service:

Do not miss this opportunity!

10.90 €uros

En 24 horas, volverá al precio de 19,90 euros.